Taken For a (Bus) Ride in Music City

Press Release Statement - March 27, 2014 - Nashville, TN


The Tennessee State Senate stood up for safety and common sense in our government today.


On a vote of 27 to 3 they passed a bill sponsored by State Senator Jim Tracy to prohibit the building of the AMP Bus Rapid Transit project in the center lanes of Broadway and West End Avenue which if it had been allowed to be built would have made all passengers walk thru automobile traffic to get to the boarding platform for the AMP.


This would have been very unsafe for passengers trying to board the bus. This has been a very bi-partisan effort all the way. StopAMP.org wants to thank Americans for Prosperity, Lee Beaman, Richard Fulton, Dianne Neal and Professor Malcolm Goetz for their tireless support in helping pass this legislation.


We look forward to the Tennessee State House of Representatives placing the same amendment on the companion bill before it passes the House. For more comments please call :


Lee Beaman at ( 615 ) 714-4022 or

Richard Fulton at ( 615 ) 210-6610.